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Since its release last year, Windows 10 has already been activated over 200 million devices. It is reported that Android and iOS apps will run efficiently on the new OS. Windows 10 Start Menu with a search bar, the introduction of the "Edge" web browser, touch-enabled, gesture-driven graphical user interface, Continuum to optimize the user interface automatically, and Snap Assist to organize windows on the screen are the biggest factors that define the latest version of Windows OS.

Microsoft Edge Browser is a web browser from Microsoft available with Windows 10 OS, which lets you retrieve, present, and navigates data resources on the World Wide Web. Browser Edge from Windows 10 has taken a giant leap with Windows 10 and has been widely used by Windows users in all parts of the world. Since it is brands new web browser; it is possible that there are many bugs and problems to work out.

Issues related to Microsoft Edge browser

-Edge has troubles in the loading process since it is slow.
- Users fail to find their favorites and downloads with the browser.
- Users passwords fail to work on Edge.
- Cortana doesn't work in Edge.
-The web browser caught in other unlimited weirdness
- The text is too small to read.
- Flash Player fails to work and doesn't install it.
- Users fail to hear any sound in Edge.
- Users try their best to solve issues, but nothing happens.
- Edge browser hangs off more often or cannot connect easily.
-All webpages show that there is a problem.
- The occasional website "has a problem" or "needs Internet Explorer".
- Users can't block ads and save web pages with the new browser.
- Drag-and-drop loading fails to work for SharePoint.
*-Skype for Business Online doesn't work.

All these issues may be directly or indirectly related to networking, configuration, installation, hardware, software and websites. Microsoft Edge users needn't feel frustrated and run into a serious problem as there is much independent technical support providing company having expertise and authority in resolving issues with leading web browsers.

By dialing a toll-free phone number for Windows Browser Support, you can avail instant Internet Explorer help and put an effective end to all the problems and issues you are experiencing with you Edge browser. Support and Help will help you troubleshoot all warning messages and other technical related challenges and errors. Contact Microsoft Phone support services for Windows 10 for all Windows 10 related issues and get the best technician to get your Windows 10 up and running.