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How to fix if Microsoft Office stops working?


Microsoft Office is a commonly used windows application and sometimes when you install it or use it frequently; it gets corrupt or gives you an error message like:

Microsoft Office not working.


Microsoft Excel has stopped working.


Microsoft Word has stopped working.


Microsoft Outlook has stopped working.


Microsoft PowerPoint has stopped working.


Reasons for this error

This error usually occurs if you are using older versions of add-ins and they were not updated.

Otherwise, you might have accidentally deleted a file used by the office application. It might be possible that your computer program crashed while your hardware was at fault which caused the error.

Options to fix the Error

1. There can be several options to fix the error if Microsoft Office is not working. One of the easiest options is to uninstall the Microsoft office program by going into the "Control Panel".

2. Make sure that your Windows are updated. Check for the windows update notification on your desktop bar or you can just go into the "Control Panel" and click on the icon "Windows Update" to check when you recently updated your windows.

After you install latest Windows update, restart your computer and then open the office application you want to use.

3. The Repair Option

Go to the "Programs & features" option in Control Panel.

Choose the Microsoft Office from the Programs list.

Instead of "uninstall", select the "change" option.

A new dialogue box will appear. Choose the repair option and click "continue". It will ask to reboot your system, click "Yes".

4. Use Safe Mode to Run the Application

Whether you are using Windows 10, 8 or 7, you can run the application in Safe mode. For this, go to the Start Menu, click on "Run". If you do not see the "Run" option, type in "Run” in the search bar.

Choose the "Run" option and type one of these commands to open a specific application in safe mode.

To start Word, type "winword /safe" and press Enter.

To start Excel, type "excel /safe" and press Enter.

Similarly, give commands for other applications with specific application name/ safe and press Enter.

5. Disable Add-Ins in the Application

Add-ins are usually the problem that causes trouble to applications. In order to disable the add-ins, open the application in safe mode as explained in the method above.

Click File> Options> Add-ins

Click "Go" against the Manage Add-ins drop box menu under the Add-ins list. Uncheck the Add-ins that are causing the possible problem, click ok and restart the application. If the problem still persists, repeat the process by unchecking other add-ins.