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What is MSN?

MSN refers to Microsoft network. It’s a business network that provides clients with web-based services and programs hosted by Microsoft Corporation. Some of the services offered by MSN include news, user-driven forums, search engines, instant messaging, emails and other services that are meant to connect people even more.

Many individuals with Microsoft Windows can synchronize their computer system using MSN to centrally organize and manage their tasks effectively. Some of the MSN services that many people are proud to be associated with are Skype (used to be called messenger), Bing- one of the best search engines and MSN shopping, which is associated with shopping.com, eBay, and PriceGrabber.

Recently, Microsoft has gone a notch hire in making unbeatable Windows OS for PC. Windows is arguably one of the best and most used PC OS, particularly Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Some of these OS have been rebranded and restructured to include sleek designs like “Flip Ahead” that helps users easily swipe from one article to another.

In an effort to improve their services, Microsoft has taken many steps in providing an excellent online experience under their new Windows Live brand name. This has led to many of their former services being overhauled as competition from Yahoo and Google stiffened. Services that got affected during the transition included MSN Search (now called Bing), MSN Virtual Earth (Bing Maps), MSN Alerts (Windows Live Alerts), MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) and of course Messenger and Hotmail (now called outlook.com). Some services like MSN Direct never changed during the transition into the Windows Live version.

Glitches that face MSN today

With Google, Yahoo and other social media services erupting every other day, MSN has been facing a lot of competition. With efforts to address the situation, Microsoft has had to make many changes in their system to keep abreast with the ever changing web-based services. However, despite their efforts, most of their services are consumed by a few people. When Microsoft changed Hotmail.com, for instance, many people had a hard time logging in as well as recovering their mails from their previous Hotmail accounts. This irked many of their clients.

Many people prefer tech gadgets and services from emerging corporations due to their alluring nature. This has affected Microsoft as a sole company in providing software services and devices. With the introduction of Android and Apple’s operating systems, many people no longer need MSN services. Even though the company is still doing well, thanks to a few of its dominant products, they still face a lot of challenges particularly in the field of web server software, web browsing, mobile devices and desktop operating systems.