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Perfection and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind new Windows 10 support by Microsoft. It offers many new features that were eagerly awaited by users. In response to the suggestions from users, the new operating system is compatible with virtually all devices including smart-phones, tablets, and so forth.

Welcome a new PC experience

The all new OS from MS, marks the end of different PC setting and separate control panels for individual devices. Signing in was never such a fun. 'Windows Hello’ offers multiple ways to sign in such as:

· Face recognition

· Fingerprint

One the most striking new addition to earlier versions is the novel digital assistant named by MS as Cortana. In addition to typing you can also use voice command to get things done by this smart assistant OF Windows 10.

The new digital assistant is also integrated with the new web browser offered in the latest version called as Edge. Imagine that you are viewing a web-page of movie, then Cortana will offer additional information such as theatres that are screening a particular movie along with show timings. Obviously Edge will substitute Windows 10 Technical Support.

For the game enthusiasts there is good news in the form of Xbox app and streaming feature that will also facilitate games with multiplayer features. Microsoft Windows 10 is offering a highly futuristic feature in the form of HoloLens. The new feature will enable users to experience holographic computer.

Ease and compatibility

Microsoft has bought back the Start Manu in Windows 10 with some modifications in the earlier version. The new start menu offers shortcuts to most common locations including 'settings’, file explorer’ and so forth.

You need not keep on searching for your favorite snaps anymore. New Photos app will do all that is required to keep everything in right place. Multitasking is possible with the facility of managing as well as creating multiple desktops. The feature is an advantage for advanced users who expect more work from the operating systems.

One of the most common features that were hitherto missing in Microsoft’s operating systems is now being added in the form of Central Notification Center. It also offers links to many other useful aspects including VPN settings, Setting app, just to name a few.

Another great feature of Windows 10 is 'Continuum’. It helps user choose functionality depending upon the device he or she is using. You are free to choose tablet or desktop mode with help of this feature.

Windows 10 is definitely a superior operating system in terms of its cutting edge features. Microsoft has surely understood user preferences and built a fabulous operating system that will flawlessly work across all devices for a gratifying experience.

Features of Windows 10

First let's start with The Start menu, it has returned to its rightful spot in the lower left corner of the desktop. Windows is not going to abandon Metro Start screen completely as it is using Live Tiles in this new Start menu. Next up is Cortana, Cortana is Microsoft's "intelligent" digital assistant, this was a feature on Windows Phone 8.1, and is similar to Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. Here in windows it serves the purpose of a glorified search box in the start menu, she can work with text or voice commands. Also something fresh is the Edge browser, you can forget about Internet explorer, because there is a new flagship browser from Microsoft. It is built entirely from the start and is made to be fast and to be elegant in design, to give you the full futuristic experience it also works in tandem with Cortana. Finally Virtual desktops are a thing on Windows now, after years of this feature being on many versions of Linux it has finally come to Windows. And there is the all new Action Center, it brings you phone like notifications to your desktop, also the Action Center has new features like Bluetooth, VPN or even a Tablet Mode. It was built in mind with both touch controls and standard mouse and keyboard, so you can suit your needs the best with the Continuum feature that makes that possible.

Problems with Windows 10

All updates are forced and are done automatically by your computer, you are not prompted to accept or decline the updates, and this creates a way for Microsoft to put junkware on your computer, there is really no fix for this. Forced updates may also cause the system to crash but when this happens just reboot your computer and it should be fine. It shares your password with anyone that you are in contact with through Facebook, Skype and Outlook. To disable this go to Wi-Fi > Network Settings > Manage Wi-Fi Settings and uncheck everything there. If your printer is not working after upgrading you need to run the installation process all over again. Some users have reported problems with Windows Mail, but you can fix this by just switching to Thunderbird instead. Problems with Chrome, there are many bugs and glitches for some unknown reason, the solution is just to switch browsers, but if you must use it try to run as few extensions as possible.

Windows 10 Support

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