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Who wouldn't wish to get their work done in a simpler way, with a tint of professionalism? Windows 7 operating system support many more applications than its predecessor Windows Vista. There are N numbers of applications coming up every day and there are lots of useful applications that are being used from ages and still hold good. Every application is developed for specific purposes and it serves different types of users. An operating system can be called successful if it's compatible with both old as well as new applications. Windows 7 is an operating system which gives equal importance to older version of applications as well as new applications. Windows 7 application compatibility mode helps all the users to get maximum out of their computers. There are many new applications designed specifically for Windows 7.

Sometimes you might feel frustrated if any of your commonly used application that is compatible with Windows XP doesn't work on Windows 7. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has put forward a new application named as 'Windows 7 XP mode' to help such users. This is one of the most attractive and helpful applications for users who have moved to Windows 7 from Windows XP. It runs as a separate window on Windows 7 to facilitate an environment for the older application to work. With this application you can easily run your older Windows XP software right on your Windows 7 desktop. You will find it very interesting while working with your old software on a new platform. You can easily download and install this application onto your Windows 7 computer.

Most commonly used Windows 7 applications by normal users include:-

* Microsoft Word 2010 - Helps you in creating documents with excellent fonts and styles.
* Microsoft Excel 2010 - Helps you in organizing and creating large datasheets with less time. 
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Presentation software that helps you create powerful slides. 
* Microsoft Outlook - Help you in checking your e-mails even if you are offline.

Likewise, many other applications are available for Windows 7 for making your work simpler and effective. Installation of Windows 7 application is so simple that even a kid can install application on Windows 7. You do not have to be a technical genius or tech savvy to install these Windows 7 applications on your computer. You can go online and download the latest Windows 7 application that suits your need. You can also install such application from an installation disc. However, you should be careful while downloading applications for Windows 7. You need to make sure that the downloaded application is not infected or is not from a fake website. Ensure the compatibility of Windows 7 application with your computer before installing the application.

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