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Windows XP end is nearing and it's time now to think about a replacement. Windows 8.1 is one such operating system, which is being used by 7% IT professionals. Also, the number will get even better as time goes . The Windows 8.1 OS has not been on the market for long but packs many new business features and improved security option. The upgrade importantly depends on the fulfillment of hardware requirement, for which you might need to install Windows 7, before opting for Windows 8 or 8.1.
So, here are some key business features that the latest OS from Windows, Windows 8.1 possesses. Here are things, which might just push you to directly upgrading to Windows 8.1, rather than choosing the long route of upgrading to Windows 7 first.
Booting to the desktop by passing over the tile interface, Metro is made easy. Boot to Desktop feature is embedded in all versions of Windows 8.1. Also, Group Policy to push this feature out to clients on corporate networks can be done.A Power Command Menu can be easily brought up by clicking Windows Key-X. This menu veils some useful Admin tools like Device Manager, Admin-level Command Prompt, Disk Management and others. Shutting down the PC gets easier with this.Creating a Start Screen Image to push out to users accounts is presented; this helps users in getting a consistent screen layout, irrespective of the device being used.The New Ribbon on Windows 8.1 will help in worry-free network access. It has Add Network Location feature. Also, many icons that help in quick device mapping and accessing Control Panel are also offered.Desktop apps can be listed on priority in the Start Screen, followed by all other apps. It gives quick access to business and third-party apps. This can be activated by Navigation Tab in Taskbar and Navigation Properties window.A feature of Work Folders helps in syncing corporate data across Windows 8.1 devices. This is particularly useful for companies having sensitive data on the corporate network, as this allows encrypting and publishing folders using the SSL certificates.The new NFC Tap-to-Print feature on Windows 8.1 helps people in the office to print any document from any device, without even configuring the same by IT. Meanwhile, the initial setup is still mandatory.Workplace Join Feature gives IT in the company to set user's devices for a middle ground. This gives personal devices specific access to corporate resources.
Above are the top 8 features of Windows 8.1 that can prove immensely useful for businesses. So, any business still worrying about the end of support for XP, you now have eight more reasons to consider upgrading to this latest of OS from Windows, Windows 8.1!
There's easy support availableIn case users are unable to get along with the features of Windows 8.1, there is easy support available at the Windows 8.1 support number. This service can be availed at the home company and many third-party companies as well.
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